Last year keto dieting, clean vitamins and CBD were hot health trends, so what’s on our radar for 2020? Here what to look out for…

1 Silence

Australian integrative therapist Dr Marc Cohen lists this as one of his top 2020 trends, saying: ‘Silence is a tonic for the mind and provides an opportunity to get in touch with your inner self.’ He’s not alone in realising its power. Quiet Parks International is combing the world to find silent spots – there are four in the UK and two in Ireland. Find them at

2 Meno-positivity

‘We need to rebrand menopause,’ said Gwyneth Paltrow recently and this year is likely to be the year it happens with the release of The New Hot, by Meg Mathews (Vermilion). ‘Menopause is a time women can really feel empowered,’ Meg told us.

‘I finally had a voice and didn’t care what people thought – it was so refreshing. Admittedly, not everyone breezes through it says Meg, including herself. ‘Talk with family and friends about what’s going on and make sure you’re getting the right information and treatment.’

3 Booze without buzz

Low-alcohol drinks are booming. Try Spencer Matthews’ 1.2% ABV Clean Liquor Company Gin (£24.99,, the new Cobra Zero no-alcohol beer (£3 for four at Asda and Ocado) or Lowdown Lager (£13 for four, – turn to p97 for more ideas and to p24 for quitting drink altogether!

4 Cold workouts

Over in New York, one of, ironically, the hottest classes of the moment is Brrn, which sees people doing HIIT workouts in a room the same temperature as a fridge – and what starts there, comes here.

Also, watch out for Wim Hof ( If this Dutch extreme athlete hasn’t yet slipped into your Facebook feed, he soon will. He uses the power of targeted breathing and exposure to cold to improve sleep, energy and mood. His fans – many of whom are women – love him.

5 Nixing nanoplastics

Microplastics are tiny shreds of plastic that end up in your body through food, water and air. It’s thought they pass out of the body harmlessly but if they break down, they turn into nanoplastics, which may affect health.

Expect to see lots on plastics this year but to cut your exposure, limit use of plastic bottles, bags, cutlery etc and pick non-plastic teabags such as those from Pukka. A bag can release more than 14 billion plastic particles, say researchers at Canada’s McGill University!

6 Celery juice

It was all over social media last year and now PRESS has launched the first ready-to drink celery juice (£3.99, and Planet Organic stores). You can also make your own and drink it on an empty stomach to aid digestion.

7 DNA shopping

Using DNA tests for weight loss and fitness has been with us a while but the new service from DNA Nudge ( kicks it up a notch, helping you choose the best foods for your body. After your £40 test in their Covent Garden store, you use the app (free) or wearable wristband (£120) to scan barcodes to see whether or not a food product fits your genes.

And it won’t tell you to avoid certain things altogether, but help you choose the best version of, say, a breakfast cereal. The main aim is to help you avoid obesity, type 2 diabetes and heart disease by making better choices.

‘It took a minute to swab the inside of my cheek to collect the DNA sample, which was plugged into a one-time-use cartridge that goes into a machine to scan for specific genetic variants,’ says Top Santé editor, Katy Sunnassee, who tried it out.

‘You get your results in two hours, and can see from the app whether salt, saturated fat, sugar, caffeine and more are high-risk food items or whether your body deals with them OK. I was surprised to see saturated fat come up as very high risk for me, whereas sugar was only medium risk.’

8 Insta psych

If clean gurus were last year’s big thing, psychologists and coaches are this year’s. Look out for @the.holistic.psychologist, @drjudyho and @silvykhoucasian.

9 3D vitamins

Nourished (£39.99 per month, is the world’s first 3D printed vitamin and it’s just launched here. A short questionnaire determines the seven vitamins you need most, which are then printed into a supplement made just for you!

10 Running Plus

Santa Monica is where new health trends start.We asked the city’s tourism team what was hot there right now and they told us ROGA – running plus yoga on their idyllic pier. And they’re not the only group bigging up running with extras. Training app Freeletics offers Hybrid Running, which combines running and strength training.

11 Natural deodorants

‘I’ve seen a surge of people on social media comparing notes on which is the best,’ says online trainer Julia Buckley ( Try new Indeora, £16.99 (, which uses magnesium to keep you fresh.

12 Blended workouts

#legday is out says trainer Sarah Gorman from ‘When we see cardio, weight-lifting or pilates/yoga as individual workouts we tend to find a style and stick to it, but this year we’ll go back to mixing everything up.’

13 Pimped-up chocolate

It’s already rich in antioxidants but 2020’s hot chocolate has extra powers – look out for Aunt Flo’s Drinking Chocolate (£10.99,, which combines cacao, nettle and raspberry leaf to help heavy periods, and Cocoa Locks for Healthy Hair (£24.99,, which is supplemented with biotin, selenium, zinc and folic acid, all of which affect hair growth.

14 Plantivores

This is what trend predictors behind the Healthista Annual Wellness Trends report are calling the increasing number of meat eaters adopting plant-based versions of meaty staples, such as burgers and sausages. Look for brands including Meat the Alternative in Waitrose, Beyond Meat in Tesco and Moving Mountains at Ember Inns and Slug & Lettuce pubs.

15 Anti-diets

Every year it seems there’s a new miracle slimming trend – except this year! For 2020 there is a slew of books to help you break the diet mentality. Look out for: Anti-Diet: Reclaim Your Time, Money, Wellbeing and Happiness Through Intuitive Eating, by Christy Harrison (£14.99, Yellow Kite) and How Not to Diet: The Groundbreaking Science of Healthy, Permanent Weight Loss, by Michael Greger (£20, Bluebird).

16 Superflours

The team at Wholefoods is predicting flours made from fruits and vegetables will be popular this year. Look out for green banana, coconut and cassava flours in health stores.

17 Shamanism

Practitioners have been in existence for thousands of years, but thanks to the publication of Spirit Hacking: Shamanic Keys To Reclaim Your Personal Power, Transform Yourself And Light Up The World, by Shaman Durek (£14.99, Yellow Kite) at the end of 2019, shamanism has officially gone mainstream. Visit for top tips from Shaman Durek.

18 Edible Tea

Avoiding food waste will continue to be huge, which is why we loved Nim’s Edible Tea (£7.95 for 12 sachets, Pour the water over the dehydrated fruit to make a fruity tea – then munch on the yummy bits of pineapple and kiwi.

19 Wildcrafting

Last year we foraged for foods, this year it’s about looking for ingredients for your own herbal remedies. This is known as wildcrafting. ‘Brexit has made us more aware of medicine miles. This has created an increased interest in getting back to our roots with herbalism,’ says medical herbalist Hannah Charman. She recommends Wayside Medicine: Forgotten Plants and How to Use Them by Julie Bruton-Seal and Matthew Seal (£16.99, Merlin Unwin). Or try her wildcrafting workshops at

20 Mouth microbiome

Just like the gut, the mouth has its own microbiome. Good bacteria within it not only protects your teeth, they may also help cut diabetes risk. ‘I think this year we’ll learn more about the good bacteria in the mouth and why we should protect them,’ says Simon Duffy, founder of new, kinder oral care brand Waken (