The heat of summer combined with the symptoms of menopause may leave you feeling hot, uncomfortable, and frustrated.

With the UK currently experiencing a heatwave, you may struggle with staying cool and keeping the heat away more than usual. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of our favourite products designed to combat these issues and provide you with some menopause relief. From cooling mists and sweat-wicking loungewear to herbal supplements and skincare advice, we’re here to help you through your menopausal journey…

Menopause help from gloSecure leak protection!

These glo bamboo mini pads (£3.69) feature a 3D leak barrier for naturally light, dry discreet support for sensitive bladders – a common issue during the menopause. They also use odour-neutralising charcoal and are packaged in compostable plastic-free plant-based wrappers!

Menopause help from Together HealthCalm your body and mind

The lead up to menopause can see magnesium levels drop, and yet this mighty mineral is crucial for more than 300 actions in your body. ‘Magnesium not only helps you feel calm and sleep well, it also supports healthy blood pressure,’ says dietician Lola Biggs.
Good food sources include dark chocolate, nuts, seeds, legumes and beans. Why not try Together Health Marine Magnesium (£6.99 for 30) is an ocean-based formula from natural marine salts.

Menopause help from A.VogelReducing menopausal sweats

Sage has a long history of use for treating hot flushes and sweats during menopause. A.Vogel Menoforce Sage Tablets (from £13.99) are a traditional herbal medicinal product used for the relief of excessive sweating associated with menopausal flushes, including night sweats. Made using the extract of organically-grown fresh sage (Salvia Officinalis), Menoforce comes in a one-a-day dose.

Menopause help from D'AlchemyThe neck’s best thing

Smooth and tighten the skin on your neck during menopause with D’ALCHÉMY Neck and Décolletage Wrinkle Refill (£40). This hydrating formula fills up and evens out existing wrinkles while preventing new ones from forming. It contains electric daisy extract, which reduces fine lines by inhibiting muscle contractions and relaxing muscle tension beneath the skin – a natural alternative to Botox!

Skincare advice from Dr Shirin LakhaniAdvice for dry skin during menopause

Even from the age of 35 our skin can become drier and less elastic. It’s a natural phenomenon but one that we can help slow or reduce with the right skincare. ‘After
menopause, oil production in your skin slows and skin loses some ability to hold water, so it can get quite dry,’ says cosmetic doctor Dr Shirin Lakhani (

She advises using skincare containing vitamins A and C. ‘These can improve skin due to their antioxidant effects, while creams containing collagen may help keep skin youthful-looking.’ Dr Lakhani is a fan of the Hydrafacial (from £125), which decongests pores and removes dead cells – helpful, as cell turnover slows with age – plus hydrates and nourishes. ‘It offers instant, noticeable results with no downtime. Pores look reduced, sun damage is minimised and the whole complexion is rejuvenated.’

Menopause help from Made by CoopersMenopause relief: keep your cool this summer

8/10 menopausal women experience hot flushes, so it’s pretty common. Cool your
face and calm your mind with a light spritz of Made By Coopers Face Mist in Rose Divine (£18). It contains rose water, orange blossom water to hydrate, plus rose geranium and frankincense essential oils. It comes in a glass bottle and cardboard tube, making it not only good for you but the planet too.

Beat menopausal hot flushes with DagsmejanRelief from the menopause night sweats

Although what you wear can’t change what’s going on inside your body during menopause, it can go some way towards keeping you comfortable. There are lots of ranges designed with temperature regulation in mind, including luxe nightwear company Dagsmejan. Their Recovery collection (from £79.99) uses revolutionary technical fabric containing fibres from the eucalyptus plant to make it super breathable. It also regulates temperature and dries faster than cotton.

Menopause help from AlmasedEffective weight loss proven by science

Nourish your body during menopause with wholesome, natural nutrition and achieve healthy, sustainable weight loss and improved wellbeing. With more than 30 years of scientific research, Almased is Germany’s No.1 meal replacement (£18.99) made with the highest quality soya, premium yoghurt and enzyme-rich honey. Recent clinical studies have shown that when compared to a normal 2,000 calorie diet, a diet with Almased results in greater calorie expenditure and fat burning, validating its position as a ‘Most Trusted Weight Loss Brand, 2020’. Follow Almased’s 14-Day or Long-Term Plan to achieve your own weight loss goal! Available from Boots, Lloyds and Amazon.

Menopause help from Pukka HerbsSupplements designed for menopause relief

Give your body a helping hand with these Pukka Herbs Womankind supplements (£16.99) – they’re certified organic and are great for helping you stay cool, calm and energised throughout the menopausal transition. The supplements include a plant-based vitamin B complex for hormonal balance and vegan vitamin D for bone health.

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