While keeping Christmas lights and decorations up after twelfth night is supposed to be unlucky, some psychologists have suggested it could have real benefits for your mental health.

As the January gloom settles in, this could be the perfect excuse for keeping your festive feeling going a little bit longer!

Psychologist Dr Sally Augustin says in the Mail online that because we’re so responsive to our senses and have such close connections to animals, the sight of warm light is linked in our minds to campfires and positive experiences.

‘Our eyes and neural networks developed in tandem in a way that creates positive associations with warmer light,’ she says. ‘When we experience warmed coloured lights, candlelight or light from warmer bulbs, it puts us in a more positive mood, which is great for getting along with others.’

So if your new year resolution involves fewer arguments at home, or just feeling happier in general, you might want to consider your living room lighting.

Of course, if you don’t want to risk the bad luck that supposedly accompanies leaving Christmas decorations up after January 5th, there are more non-festive alternatives to consider. As a compromise, why not pop some warm, white fairy lights over the mantelpiece, invest in a lamp or two, or buy a wintery scented candle. Add some Hygge-inspired fluffy blankets and soft cushions and your new year nest is sure to keep you cheery all the way until spring.