Down-to-earth GP Dr Rangan Chatterjee, star of BBC One’s Doctor in the House, explains how a morning routine can give your health an amazing boost.

It’s the little things that help us stay healthy: eating our veg, taking the stairs instead of the escalators, getting eight hours of sleep. Another little thing I advocate to all my patients is a mini morning routine, which is great for anyone who regularly wakes up late then feels like the day is running away with them.

A morning routine can help you live longer

In my 16 years’ experience as a doctor, trying to help patients live healthier, more productive lives, I have found that having this type of structured routine has been transformative – and it works for me, too!

How to have a healthy morning routine

A simple set of mini rituals before the day kicks into gear can help you feel empowered and also more productive. You become proactive rather than reactive. You get a head start on your day thanks to your positive actions. And it needn’t be difficult: waking up just 30 minutes earlier than usual can set the tone for the day ahead and often make it easier to achieve your health goals.


Set your alarm for 30 minutes earlier than usual – and put it far away from the bed so when it goes off you’re unable to hit snooze!

Drink two glasses of water, perhaps with a squeeze of fresh lemon, to rehydrate your body – you lose water overnight, especially when you’re wrapped up in warm layers. 

Enjoy a coffee, but take time to prepare it from scratch, then sit down and savour it slowly. Small things done mindfully are what matters.