Editor Katy curates some of the best
in health and wellbeing in sizzling
shades of rouge…

Prosody London Neroli Nuance Eau de Parfum

For a top-quality, natural and organic perfume look to new fragrance house Prosody London, which is pioneering a new generation of fine fragrances. Each of the six scents, including this Neroli Nuance (£135 for 50ml), is made only with organic and wild-harvested essential oils, natural isolates and organic grain alcohol – no petroleum derivatives, phthalates, parabens, synthetic musk, GMO material or hexane in sight. They’re also vegan-friendly and not tested on animals. It’ll be love at first sniff!

361° Nemesis Trainers

While technically a running shoe, these 361° Nemesis Trainers (£119.99) are perfect for everyday wear as they offer comfort and cushioning, plus good support and stability. Good for a walk to the shops or your local Park Run.

Link Nutrition Magnesium

Magnesium is vital for helping you relax. There are loads of different types of the mineral and this Link Nutrition Magnesium supplement (£15.95) contains a type you’d find naturally in food, rather than the earth, making it more easily absorbed and gentler on digestion.

Myzone MZ-3 Heart-rate Monitor

The clever Myzone MZ-3 Heart-rate monitor (£129) gets to know your own resting and maximum heart rates, so it can then display how much effort you’re putting into any particular workout (grey for minimal effort, red for max). Plus it is almost 100 per cent accurate. It’s definitely encouraged me to include exercise “snacks” into my day rather than sitting typing for such long periods!

Nanoleaf Light Panels

The Nanoleaf Light Panels (£179) are so much fun. Set them to any one of 60,000 colour combinations using the app. They dance in time to music, which is great if you’re doing a home HIIT workout but also relaxing if you are doing yoga. There’s another app that lets you use the panels as a daylight alarm clock too, gently brightening like the sunrise to wake you!

Smeg SJF01 Slow Juicer

I used to use a centrifugal juicer – they spin the fruit and veg super fast to extract the juice – but I’ve been converted to the slow-press, masticating models, which grind the ingredients to extract more juice. They take a tiny bit longer to use but are worth it. This Smeg SJF01 Slow Juicer (£499.95) has got me back into juicing pure celery, which has become something of a health trend worldwide for its amazing healing benefits (find out why at medicalmedium.com).

Korres Wild Rose Range

The Wild Rose range from natural beauty brand Korres (from £22) nourishes skin with wild rose oil, which contains nine times the vitamin C of an orange, to reduce fine lines and pigmentation. The 15% Vitamin C Advanced Brightening Bi-Phase Booster (£46) and Brightening & First Wrinkles Advanced Repair Sleeping Facial (£29) are my new overnight plumping duo.

Vileda 1 2 Spray Mop

A clean house helps you stay healthy, yet I get very little time for housekeeping – anything that can speed up the process is a Godsend. This Vileda 1 2 Spray Mop (£25) cleans floors in seconds thanks to the inbuilt spray gun so you can do away with a bucket! Genius.

Biocell Collagen Shots

Another month, another collagen launch! With a whopping 5000mg of hydrolysed collagen, the new Biocell Collagen Shots (£51 for 14) also help plump skin from within with hydrating hyaluronic acid, antioxidant vine seed extract, plus zinc, selenium and vitamin A.

Weleda 24h Roll-On Deodorant

Most deodorants smell medicinal, minty or citrusy but this 24hr Roll-On in pomegranate from Weleda (£7.95) smells divine! Now your pits will be fruity – but in a good way!

I’m keeping refreshed this summer with…

* UFC Refresh 100% Watermelon Juice 1000ml (£19.99 for 6). This is nothing but pure watermelon – no added sugar.

* Unrooted Baobab & Pomegranate energy drink (£3.50). Lift your energy with vitamin C-rich baobab rather than caffeine.

* BumbleZest Mind & Mood Shot (£2.49). This contains thyme and rosemary – both good for brain health.

* Innocent Super Smoothie Cacao & Cherry (£2). I love this flavor combo plus it contains B vitamins.