Top Santé’s editor Katy Sunnassee curates
a selection of her favourite health, fitness
food and beauty finds – all in
springy, zingy orange!

Moisturising hand cream for dry hands

I now wash my hands ten times more than I ever did before having a child (notice a bit of a mat leave theme?) so discovering an unopened tube of Yu-Be Moisturising Skin Cream (£14.75) buried at the back of a drawer was a bit of a godsend. I’d been sent the free sample ages ago and had I realised how amazing it is I’d have used it sooner! If you have dry, cracked skin or eczema, you NEED this cream in your life! I’ve since bought the body lotion too, which lasts ages, and the lip balm!

My DIY carrot, ginger and garlic juice to heal a sore throat – fast!

Last year I got a cough that just wouldn’t budge. It kept me up at night – that and the baby, joy! – and the only thing that seemed to cure it was drinking this concoction three days in a row.


  • 1 x large carrot
  • 1x 2.5cm-wide slice of ginger – as much as you can tolerate
  • 2 x gloves of raw garlic

Juice all the above and neck it! If the taste is too horrid, add an apple or another carrot. The ginger and garlic kick any cold viruses to the curb.

Altrient C Vitamin C sachets for plumped up, youthful skin

I bang on about this all the time but Altrient C (£34.99 for 30) is up there on my list of must-have supps. It’s by far the best form of vitamin C – the liposomal formulation ensures it goes right into your cells, as opposed to capsules or powders, which go through your gut and are mostly excreted. It keeps your immune system strong, lowers inflammation and keeps skin supple by supporting collagen production. I took it throughout pregnancy and didn’t get any stretch marks!

* Check out the interview I did with Dr Thomas E Levy, a world expert on vitamin C.

Broad spectrum SPF face protection with added vitamin C

Speaking of vitamin C, one of my all-time fave moisturisers, which I’ve just started using again now the days are getting longer and lighter, is Murad Environmental Shield Essential-C Day Moisture SPF30 (£65). The consistency is thin and easy to spread, unlike some broad-spectrum moisturisers. It gives my dry skin a nice dewy sheen!

The best leggings for a lifted, firmer-looking bum!

Sitting on my bum all year breastfeeding and doing virtually no exercise for ages meant my formerly pert bum went flat as a pancake. Most of my leggings looked awful and saggy but then I discovered LNDR tights (£80). These are the bees knees if you want your bum and legs to look svelte, as the thick yet stretchy material holds everything in!

Natural deodorant balm that really works (it won’t leave you sweaty or smelly!)

The new Orange & Bergamot Clean Deodorant Balm from The Natural Deodorant Co. (£11) is free from parabens, palm oil, preservatives, artificial fragrances, alcohol and, the worst one – aluminium. I admit I was a little sceptical, having tried a million and one natural deodorants, but I apply a little of this balm after a pre-bed shower and next morning I’m still good to go! You apply it with your fingers and it feels a little grainy at first but so far it’s my fave natural deo for a) doing the job and b) being in plastic-free packaging – I’m seriously impressed.

Mini roller ball face oil that’s perfect for hand luggage

The Swiss know how to do skincare. Nazan Schnapp’s White Magnolia Restoring & Smoothing Cell Renewal Face Oil Roller (£48) is my current go-to skin saviour thanks to its super-hydrating sea buckthorn and evening primrose oils but also cell-energising CoQ10, making it great for mature skin. Lightweight, the oil sinks in fast and the dinky bottle and rollerball applicator make it mess-free and perfect for travelling, as so many facial oils come in big heavy bottles.

Ditch and switch: Say no to fake cinnamon and yes to the real spice!

During maternity leave I ate a lot of porridge and I mean a lot! (Apparently oats help increase breast milk production, or so I read). I would sprinkle loads of cinnamon on top too… until I discovered the cinnamon I was using wasn’t real cinnamon, it was something called cassia. Cassia can apparently cause gut upset if eaten in large quantities. So, if your pot of cinnamon says ‘use sparingly’, avoid it! Switch to Bart’s Organic, which is the real deal. Once I compared the two it was so obvious as the real thing smells a lot nicer.

Note from the editor: All products featured in this Ed’s Edit round up are things I genuinely use, buy or rate. While I may have been introduced to some of the brands via an initial free sample, they will only be included here if they are things I truly believe are worth using and which I myself now buy or would buy. This feature is not advertising led.