Will you be using Fitbit’s latest feature?

Fitbits have long been tracking our sleep, daily steps, calorie burn and more, but now the app is set to launch a female health tracking guide too.

This new feature will allow women who use the device to track their periods and the symptoms that go with their cycle. The idea is that it will give users a better overview of their health, as well as keeping you in the loop about your cycle length and duration.

According to a survey by Fitbit, this was one of the most requested functions by users. And it seems like more women than you might think need all the help they can get – with the survey also revealing 70% of uses don’t know how long an average menstrual cycle is.

Help monitor fertility and period symptoms

The addition could help women who are trying for a baby, as it can predict windows of fertility, as well as notifying you two days before your expected period. Log your symptoms – whether it’s mood swings, bloating, cramps or something else entirely – and these will eventually build up to give you a better picture of your health from month to month.

One important element is that, should you experience issues with fertility or side effects, you will then have a log ready to show your doctor.

You can also compare your health data to other users in the app, to reveal connections between your cycle and energy levels or sleep quality. It’s definitely a bonus for those of us who love to track every detail of our health!

There will be an online community set up for Fitbit fans to discuss periods, fertility issues and menopause.

  • Female Health is already available to iOS and Windows Fitbit users, and will become available to Android users later this month.
  • Would you find this useful, or have you had a good sense of your cycle without technology?