Get trim and save time…with Musclefood’s new plan

It’s normal to carry a little extra padding during winter hibernation mode. But, with my annual long holiday fast approaching – to hot and humid South America – I needed to feel fitter and more energetic, and fast.

Thankfully, I was lucky enough to take part in a top-secret trial by the award-winning nutrition delivery service Musclefood.

Their new ‘Do the Unthinkable’ plan is a ‘complete food and fitness system’, which is a twelve-week diet and fitness plan designed to shift a years’ worth of weight in just three months.


Signing up to it means you get all food delivered weekly to your door (choose between 5 or 7 days worth of food). Plus, you also get a personal training plan in the form of downloadable, guided workouts with the highly motivating Steve, plus Q&A sessions.

Personally I didn’t lose much weight, but I ended up much more toned, with a lot more free time, which are both extremely good things.

The food was very tasty – the kind of thing I’d usually cook at home, especially the dinners. My personal faves were the beef lasagne with roasted Italian vegetables, and the goat cheese pizza. Breakfasts consisted of different flavoured porridges each day, which wasn’t as much my thing. However, a quick chat with Steve got my macros sorted and he recommended I stick to my usual two eggs scrambled with a bit of veg for breakfast.

I’m quite short and prone to weight gain due to sitting on my bum for most of the day. So, I tend to not need much in the way of carbs and sugar, which does make the plan’s one-to-one communication helpful so you can stay on track. There’s certainly no going hungry with the plan – I still have a desk drawer full of protein bars and jerky that I didn’t get round to eating as snacks!

As I’ve always made myself and my partner’s lunches and dinners from scratch, I didn’t realise how much time and effort could be saved from taking out this prep factor. Instead of setting aside an hour or so after work to source, chop and mix ingredients, it was all there in Musclefood’s vacuum packed bags, fully prepared and ready to heat through.


The workouts too, were a great time-saver. All the brainwork of deciding the best activities and how to do them is taken care of by the plan. You get a timetable of that day’s exercise, for example circuits, plyometrics and tabata (don’t worry, there are plenty of rest days) and away you go.

Toned up and with more time on my hands whilst preparing for a long-awaited holiday? That could never be a bad thing!

  • Do The Unthinkable, a twelve-week diet and fitness plan is £60 + £3.99 delivery for 5 days a week. £69 + £3.99 delivery for 6 days a week. £79 + free delivery for 7 days a week. See for more information.