Hay fever sufferers can tolerate certain amounts of pollen, but there is a sensitivity level above which someone with hay fever will suffer an allergic reaction.

Natural remedy for hay fever

Avoidance of the pollen is clearly the best way to avoid the reaction to it – if there’s no pollen, there’s no reaction. But that’s not so easy to achieve since you can’t see the pollen to avoid it! Fortunately, HayMax™ drug-free, organic allergen barrier balms have been shown to significantly reduce the amount of pollen entering the body.

Hay fever facts – did you know?

  • Hay fever is another name for allergic rhinitis
  • While many people develop hay fever as children, it can also strike in adulthood
  • You can tell if it’s hay fever rather than a cold by the telltale sign of itchy eyes
  • As well as sneezing, runny nose and itchy eyes, hay fever can also give you a headache, earache, pain in your temples, loss of smell and make you feel tired
  • One in five hay fever sufferers have had to take time off work because of their symptoms

How HayMax can help hay fever symptoms

In a 2015 survey by Allergy UK, when asked if, overall, HayMax award winning allergen barrier balm had worked, 80% said yes. And it is suitable for pregnant women, children and drivers or machine operators – no drugs and no drowsy side effects.

When invisibly applied at the rim of the nostrils and around the bones of the eyes (but not too close or in the eyes) HayMax™ traps the allergen before it gets into the upper nasal tract.

These simple balms are made from organic and natural ingredients, with different variants containing aloe vera to soothe a sore nose or lavender or frankincense essential oils which add a subtle and pleasant aroma.

HayMax™ is available for £6.99 per pot from selected Boots, Holland and Barrett and Morrison’s stores, as well as independent health food stores and pharmacies and online. Buy HayMax  or call 01525 406600