College of Naturopathic MedicineMays Al-Ali, CNM nutritional therapy graduate, shares how she went from a career in advertising to helping thousands transform their health inside and out.

I worked as an advertising producer for 18 years but became unhappy and dissatisfied with my stressful corporate career. It negatively impacted my health.

I was teaching yoga on the side for many years, but it wasn’t enough and I knew it was my calling to be in service.

Discovering plant-based eating

During my yoga teacher training in India, I was introduced to raw vegan food and the concept of conscious, clean eating, which changed my life.

Before then, I had eaten a standard western diet, drank alcohol, and had lots of late nights living the typical London party lifestyle. As a result, I suffered from serious gut health, as well as skin and mood issues.

Eating a natural, plant-based diet while doing my yoga training increased my energy levels and I felt amazing. So, I naturally transitioned to a plant-based diet and all my health issues slowly cleared up.

plant-based eating

Mays Al-Ali explains how plant-based eating transformed her health

A complete career change

A friend recommended the College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM) and told me its Naturopathic Nutrition course was excellent. I enrolled in the course and never looked back.

What I loved about CNM’s course was the naturopathic element. I’m a big believer in the healing powers of nature and having looked at other courses, none of them had this important holistic element. The lecturers were also amazing and so inspiring.

Initially, I signed up for the course for my own interests: I never thought I would quit my advertising job and become a nutritionist!

However, by the start of the third year, I knew there was no turning back: I’d found my calling. I left my job in advertising and launched my clinic as soon as I qualified, and I’ve never been happier.

Helping people to heal

My clinic is in London, but I mostly work virtually now. Many of my clients suffer from burnout, stress, insomnia, and anxiety, often linking to gut problems, so I help them overcome these issues.

I host webinars, weight loss programmes, and wellness retreats. I love helping people transform their lives. Working holistically, I look at the overall mind and body, including diet, lifestyle, connection to others, spiritual connection, and purpose.

Being able to help people and change their lives for the better is so rewarding and brings me so much joy.


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