From the temperature to the mattress you choose, there are lots of ways to tweak your bedroom to help you get your best sleep ever.

By Katherine Watt 

Cut out the light

A fifth of adults reported being disturbed by light levels in a 2015 sleep survey, which can throw out your body clock. Consider investing in shutters or a blackout blind to enable top quality zzzs.

Breathe easy

Houseplants can make the air in your bedroom cleaner, removing mould particles, toxins and adding oxygen, according to NASA. Bedrooms suit shade-lovers like English ivy, spider plants, or Boston ferns.

Use a sleep clock with sounds or dawn light

The days of being woken by a shrill, cortisol-inducing beep are truly over.

There are so many varieties of alarm clock to ease you into the day with sunrise effects or birdsong.

Now that the nights are drawing in, a clock that wakes you with a gradual light is a great way to prevent seasonal affective disorder and start your day in a chirpy mood.

Lumie clocks ( are particularly popular as they’re stylish and simple.

Get a sleep mask

Darkness helps your body release melatonin – the chemical which aids sleep. Wearing a mask has been proven to reduce the time taken to fall asleep and reduce night waking.

Choose a good mattress

Everyone’s taste is different, so take time choosing your mattress based on your preferences, as well as your weight and build.

A mattress that’s too soft can cause you to sleep in a slouched position, while one that’s too firm can cause pressure on hips and shoulders.

There are also allergy-resistant, temperature-regulating and moisture-resistant styles to consider. The National Bed Federation ( has lots of advice to help you choose.

Duvet decisions

Your body’s core temperature needs to drop by two or three degrees to initiate sleep, so if you’re regularly struggling to nod off, try a lighter, lower tog duvet to keep cool.

Get snuggly

Texture is surprisingly important for good sleep, so if you’re buying extra blankets or cushions aim for natural, breathable fabrics such as cotton, linen or silk, rather than man-made ones that trap heat and sweat.

Keep some gorgeous throws by the bed so you can grab one to snuggle into.

You spend just as long with bedding against your skin as your clothes in the day, so make sure you keep them clean and feeling soft and luxurious.

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