Jo Saunders,  a nutritional therapy graduate from the College of Naturopathic Medicine, talks about how her life changed after studying at CNM.

CMN not only provides a brilliant breadth of knowledge upon which to build a private practice, it opens doors of opportunity for health-minded individuals enabling a change of career they feel truly passionate about.

What I love most about practising is sharing my knowledge and educating people in areas which are often confusing or overwhelming in the media.

A bespoke service

It feels amazing offering genuinely personalised nutrition advice that helps people make informed decisions and become responsible for their own health.

I have always had a passion for food, nutrition and the workings of the human body. Whilst my job in television was interesting and enjoyable (I worked for the Discovery Channel and Animal Planet, Tigress Productions, then at Channel 5), I felt my heart lay elsewhere.

Helping people to feel better

I was keen to train for a career I felt passionate about and could help myself, my family and others to feel better.

I strongly believe that symptom-led medicine is not sustainable. We have lost the art and science of preventative medicine. I wanted to learn more about how the body functions and how nutrition – through foods, herbs and appropriate supplements – can support optimal health.

I see clients as part of the UK-wide NatureDoc team led by experienced naturopath Lucinda Miller.

Children’s food range

I have also co-founded the UK’s first and only children’s frozen food range focused on mental health and wellbeing, called Smart Infused Füd, something I am hugely excited about!

The range is designed to be rich in nutrients studied for their healthy brain benefits.

Working mums need all the help they can get and Smart Infused Füd offers guilt-free, locally sourced, environmentally friendly, nutritionally balanced meals for 5-11-year-olds.

A flexible way to learn

What attracted me to CNM was the holistic approach, which was important to me and offered me the invaluable flexibility of studying around my full-time job.

I adore my work and love being able to share my knowledge with both clients and friends. My learning was hugely encouraging as a mother; it enabled me to help my children in the best way possible.

Empowering, engaging and in-depth, the CNM course has opened amazing doors of opportunity for me.

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