Eleanor Hoath, a CNM Nutritional Therapy graduate, wanted to help heal her own body. However, what she discovered was so empowering, she decided to set up her own business and help heal others, too…

College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM) completely changed my life. I suffered from severe gut problems, acne and hormone-related conditions and wanted to become knowledgeable about what was going on in my body to understand how I could help myself.

I thought I was going to learn about different types of foods and why they are good for you. Instead, I discovered, uncovered and investigated my own health worries further.

Through my own knowledge, power and understanding, I’ve been able to heal my body and understand my symptoms. I never thought this would be possible.

Hands-on learning with CNM

What really attracted me to CNM’s Nutrition course is how thorough the course is. It doesn’t just teach you about food; it explains the biological and chemistry understanding of the human body. It’s equal to, or even more in-depth than, what is taught in some medical establishments.

The hands-on learning experience and the true passion every lecturer has for their field of expertise is what I loved the most about my studies. I was able to use evidence-based research and findings to support my learning. It highlighted how important nutrition is for your health.

Empowering others

The power of nutrition inspired me to help others. I now have my own practice called Well Nourished Nutrition where I see clients on a one-to-one basis.

As someone who has been affected by gut, hormone and acne-related conditions, I understand the impact these can have on your life. I want to support people to get to the bottom of their symptoms to empower them to reach their optimal wellbeing.

As well as seeing clients, I run programmes, write e-books and organise events. I’m also a freelance digital and print content producer, applying my passion for writing to support brands and publications.

There is nothing more powerful than hearing someone say you have made a difference to their health. I also love being able to use the qualification how I want to and choose a path that works for me.

CNM has a 22-year track record training successful natural health practitioners, in-class and online, with colleges across the UK and Ireland. To find out more, visit cnmcourses.com or call 01342 777 747.

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