Whether you want to feel calmer, enhance your creativity or start the day with a clear head, a few moments of meditation can help. And it’s so much easier than you think…

Set aside five minutes or more each day to meditate and you’ll soon experience a host of physical and psychological benefits, such as a strengthened immune system, reduced blood pressure, sharper brain and a happier mood – all of which have been proven by studies.Meditation teacher Diana Lang explains more…

When you’re ready for your session, sit up straight but relaxed, with your hands on your knees or thighs, palms up or down or resting in your lap. Get as comfy as possible – sit on a mat and prop yourself up with cushions if you like, or cover yourself with a blanket to keep snug. Close your eyes so you’re not distracted.

Start to focus on your breath. Close your mouth, relax your jaw and keep your teeth slightly apart. Now keep your awareness on breathing through your nose. If your breath is naturally long, don’t try to shorten it. Likewise if it’s short, don’t try to lengthen it. If your inhalations and exhalations are of unequal length that’s fine too – as long as it feels natural.

When your breath is relaxed, your stomach should gently expand as you inhale and contract as you exhale. Put your hand on your lower abdomen as you inhale to see if it gently rises. When you exhale, it should slowly flatten. Thoughts and memories may surface during your practice. Simply be aware of them but don’t let them distract you. Let them come and go at will.

To find out more about meditation, try Diana’s book and CD set Opening To Meditation: A Gentle, Guided Approach, or visit dianalang.com. 

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