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Relax, reduce stress and boost your brain health with the help of Readly and a little reading each day.

Reading is a great way to exercise the brain. Not only does it provide enjoyment and knowledge, but it also enriches the mind and soul. Studies have shown that keeping your brain active and curious can strengthen your ability to efficiently process information. It can also help to reduce stress levels by 68 per cent and provide that much needed relaxation in everyday life.

Plus, with Queen Camilla’s book club study recently showing that five minutes of daily reading is as valuable to mental wellbeing as walking 10,000 steps, it is clear that it should be a key part of our daily wellbeing.

Boost your health with Readly

Readly, the app that provides access to over 7,000 digital magazines, newspapers and more, found that
most people read to keep their brains active – and also for relaxation. Reading on the Readly app helps
to stimulate the mind, promotes lifelong learning, and encourages a knowledge-based reader from the
breadth of titles available.

Neuroscientist Dr Rachel Taylor says: ‘Reading not only boosts brain function but also leads to structural
changes in the brain, enhancing its overall health and capacity. Reading activates neural circuits leading to improved memory, thinking, and mood. It can even lead to the creation of more matter in the brain; the more matter we have the healthier the brain.’


  1. Challenge yourself to read something completely different. This means that you create more connections between neurons, a process called synaptogenesis. The more connections the brain makes, the more cognitive function you have.
  2. Try short regular sessions. Reading improves focus, attention and concentration. Just 20-30 minutes per day has a significant impact on your productivity and efficiency.
  3. Set time aside. Have a few set times during every day when you’ll read, no matter what. The key to developing a reading habit is consistency, which is key to all health, wellbeing and cognitive nurturing activities!
  4. Always carry something interesting to read. Wherever you go, whenever you have a moment, read and engage the brain.

So, whether you’re reading an in-depth science feature, an expert topic, or simply reading new recipes, Readly has a title for everyone. With over 7,000 magazines and newspapers to read via mobile or tablet device, plus puzzles, crosswords and more, the Readly app is a convenient and insightful way to read around subjects that interest you, cultivate a good reading habit, and stimulate the brain with plenty of new topics, too.


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