Bio-Health launches Simicina to tackle the misery of urinary tract infections.

The chances of a woman getting a urinary tract infection and cystitis-like symptoms (UTI) at some time in her life are high. Some experts believe that it is one in two. Worse still, some unfortunate women suffer recurrent UTIs that can make their life a misery.

What are the symptoms of a UTI?

For a start you will want to urinate more frequently and you will probably have some pain when you do so. You may also have pain low down in your tummy and have urine that is cloudy or foul-smelling. Combine that with feeling unwell, achy and tired and you can see why women seek help when a UTI strikes.

There are two types of UTIs. Infections of the kidneys or ureters are known as upper UTI’s and they can be serious if left untreated. Lower UTIs are more common and although they are a miserable experience, they are not generally a cause for major concern.

How can you cure a UTI?

If you have a UTI you can go to your doctor to get an antibiotic but doctors have been advised to cut their prescriptions of antibiotics. Dame Sally Davies, England’s chief medical officer, is urging doctors to tackle the threat of antibiotic resistance. Medical experts say that these drugs are being used too much and that 25,000 people die across Europe each year because of drug-resistant infections. So now your doctor may not be as keen to hand over a prescription as they would have been in the past.

Home treatments for UTIs

What can you do to help yourself? As some women get recurrent UTIs this leaves them in a difficult position and an alternative must be found. Cranberries contain a variety of different antioxidant compounds and clinical trials suggested that cranberry may help reduce the risk of UTIs and recurrent UTIs. Bio-Health, the specialist herbal medicines and food supplements company, has put together a combination of Cranberry and D-mannose. D-mannose is a naturally occurring type of sugar found in cranberries and other fruits such as oranges and blueberries. Preliminary trials in Europe show that D-mannose may treat or prevent urinary tract infections. Research suggests the supplement stops certain bacteria such as E.coli from sticking to the bladder walls. It sticks to the sugar instead and that helps the bacteria leave the body through the urine.

Now Bio-Health have used their knowledge and experience to produce Simicina, specifically to tackle UTIs and in particular to help those women who have recurrent UTIs. Mr Ashwani Kumar Sood, a Surrey based urologist was consulted on the development of Simicina by Bio-Health and was excited by its launch. He explained how he is recommending cranberry and D-mannose at the dose of 400mg and 550mg respectively, two to three times per day, to many of his patients saying, “In the patients that I see, who suffer from recurrent UTIs and cystitis -like symptoms, I would expect approximately 7 out of 10 of those taking cranberry and D-mannose to respond well which may avoid the need for multiple courses of antibiotics in the future”

Simicina could be a significant step in maintaining a healthy urinary tract.

A carton of Simicina contains one container of 60 x 400mg Organic Cranberry capsules and the other has 60 x 550mg of D-Mannose capsules. The capsules should be taken with a glass of water to support a healthy urinary tract and keep the UTIs at bay.

Simicina is available from the best pharmacies and health food stores or direct from Bio-Health Ltd (RRP £27.95)

Certainly, having a Urinary tract infection or cystitis-like symptoms is more than just an inconvenience but with knowledge, help and support you can manage the condition and help to ensure it does not recur.