Find out how to nurture your mind body and soul naturally with high-quality CBD oil products from hapihemp

CBD oil has become an increasingly popular choice for supporting wellbeing and maintaining optimal health. The hapihemp team has combined beneficial essential oils and CBD to create a blend built around quality, trust, safety, experience and passion. ‘We regularly witness the positive health and wellness effects of CBD,’ says Lorraine Clark co-founder.

The product development team at hapihemp collaborates with phytotherapists to identify unique CBD blends, organically grown and extracted to create a premium and
trusted, high-quality CBD range that is supplied throughout the UK. The team has worked tirelessly to bring together the amazing benefits of CBD with powerful essential oils to create a product that gets results.

Sam Day, co-founder of hapihemp, says: ‘All of our CBD products have been through thorough and rigorous testing. We provide independent lab reports, completed
by experts. My personal journey with CBD started when I became seriously ill, so for me quality and authenticity is extremely important.’

This fabulous product range offers a lovely selection from CBD oils, capsules and a tasty
Tranquil CBD tea, which is blended with chamomile, valerian and rosehip, to holistic topical CBD products.

Your multipurpose CBD oil product…

The hapihemp CBD+ Oil Roller (£19.99) contains high-strength CBD as well as arnica, boswellia, turmeric and rose geranium. This multi-functional roller is ideal to use on hands, knees and feet. It’s a great handbag companion, especially when wearing heels or for rolling on temples during the day.


CBD oil for exercise lovers…

Soothe aching muscles with CBD+ Massage Oil (£29.99). This is perfect for deep tissue massage, relaxation and also pre-workout. The bespoke oil contains the highest quality CBD and powerful essential oils, and can be used all over the body. It contains clove, black pepper, lavender, clary sage and CBD.


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