With the start of a new season and a back-to-school spirit in the air, right now – not Jan 1st – is the perfect time to set new intentions and begin afresh. 

Whether you’ve returned from holiday full of good intentions, or feel in tune with the change in nature all around you, there’s a momentum and energy about autumn that makes it a natural time for cultivating healthy new habits.

‘The reason it’s a great time for making resolutions is exactly because it’s not the traditional time to do it,’ says life coach Ali Campbell (alicampbell.com). ‘This encourages you to make changes you actually want to make rather than ones you feel you ‘should’ just because it’s a new year.’ There’s also the sense of the year drawing to a close, which urges you to get on with things and make the most of your time – there’s a good three months still to go!

To top it off, you’re relaxed and optimistic after a summer break, there’s still warmth and light and, with hues of oranges, reds and yellows, nature is at its majestic best. So as the trees shed their leaves, try shedding any unhelpful habits around general health, fitness, and food, and setting new intentions to make the absolute best of the rest of the year. All being well, your little lifestyle refresh will have become entrenched come New Year – it takes at least two months to create a new habit – so you won’t need to make any drastic resolutions in the depths of winter.

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