Have you put up your Christmas tree yet? If so, you’ve done your health a favour, as it turns out there are lots of benefits to adding some festive greenery. How lovely are thy branches, indeed!

Christmas trees are great for your mental health

Adding some real greenery to your home or office is great news for your mind. There’s lots of evidence that suggests we recover more quickly from mental fatigue and stress when exposed to natural environments. Those who live near nature tend to experience greater satisfaction with life and higher levels of wellbeing.

Add plants for happiness

Experiments involving office workers have found a positive effect on wellbeing and creativity when plants have been added to their working environment – so it’s a fair assumption that your humble tree will bring you similar pleasures.

Beat a cold with a Christmas tree

As well as cheering you up, there’s some evidence that being near your tree or other houseplants can cut your risk of illness. A study from the Agricultural University of Norway found sickness rates fell by more than 60 per cent in offices containing plants.

Fir trees are good for muscles and fevers

Balsam firm has historically been used to soothe tired muscles, treat colds and fevers and heal respiratory conditions. Ok, so you might not directly experience these benefits without creating an infusion with some of the needles – but it’s good to know!

Greenery helps recovery

Getting over the flu? Your tree could help! One study into the effects of plants in hospital rooms on patients recovering from surgery found that those with plants and foliage had lower ratings of pain, anxiety and fatigue, and lower blood pressure and heart rates.

To make sure your tree keeps you healthy

  • Avoid allergic reactions by hosing down your tree before you bring it into the house
  • Keep it in the coolest part of the house

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