If you’ve enjoyed our articles on the benefits of taking a break from the internet, here are some bonus tips from Dr Jen on how to put your digital detox into practice.

Setting ground rules

Anxiety caused by overloading your mind online, coupled with the screen’s blue light, which messes with the sleep hormone melatonin, can really impact on the quality of your kip. Try implementing a rule of no screens an hour before bed. Kick back with a good old-fashioned book or magazine to help yourself unwind and drift off.

Keeping home life personal

Another negative of too much tech is the ability to access work from home. Great for flexibility when you actually want to work from home, but no so great when you should have clocked off. When out of working hours, make a conscious effort to switch off e-mail notifications, better still, if you have a work laptop or mobile, turn it off completely and lock it away, or install a website blocker such as WasteNoTime.com. It’s important to have a healthy work-life-balance.

Knowing your sources

The internet is full of lots of useful and useless information – topsante.co.uk aside, of course! It’s important to remember that the best article might not be the one that appears at the top of your search engine, that user may have simply paid for that spot. I always recommend you research your sources carefully, and certainly when it comes to anything medical, check out genuine NHS websites.

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