We all have a preference when it comes to living in the bright lights of the city or choosing a country retreat, but when it comes to your health, your preference could have a big impact.

A recent study found that people living in rural areas are eight times happier than city folk!

The research examined 400,000 people across Canada, looking at a happiness scale. While it found that city inhabitants earned more money, had higher levels of education and were less likely to be unemployed, it nonetheless found country dwellers to be happier.

The researchers have said the study emphasises the importance of strong communities over social isolation or loneliness.

People who live in towns or cities don’t tend to have as much contact with their family and friends as countryside dwellers, as well as spending more of their income on housing, which can lead to stress.

It’s also possible that living in a city makes people feel less safe, and less trusting of others.