I’m getting married next year and want to be toned for the big day. I’ve heard working out in the heat can help you look more sculpted – is this true?

There are benefits to working out in the heat as the rise in popularity of Bikram yoga shows (Bikram classes are held in studios pre-heated to 37C). It means your heart rate is elevated so your body has to work harder, but as you’re truly warmed up you can often get deeper into poses to feel their benefits. However, the best way to achieve a sculpted look is to build more lean muscle and lose some body fat to ensure the muscle underneath can be seen. Do an equal mix of resistance and cardio – four sessions a week with two being strength/resistance-focused and two cardio-focused. You may want to change this to one cardio and three strength sessions per week once you’ve reduced your body fat. If you’re new to weights, book a few sessions with a personal trainer so you can master the techniques and get a plan tailored just for you.

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