Weight loss shakes are a booming industry. We take a look at the new Jimmy Joy Plenny shakes which can be used for weight loss as well as for general healthy eating and living. 

Weight loss is often on people’s minds after Christmas, especially if they over indulged – and who could blame us this particular year? Comfort food was probably high up on most people’s lists for Christmas 2020.

And while we’re not about labelling foods ‘good’ or ‘bad’ as often a diet of moderation is all it takes to stay healthy, we know lots of people turn to diet brands and meal replacement shakes at this time of year, as well as in summer, to help lose any excess weight they may have accumulated. After all, excess weight can be a factor and contributor towards so many other chronic diseases, which is why many people seek weight loss. 

Weight loss shake: Jimmy Joy

Rachel achieved weight loss using Jimmy Joy shakesRachel Tompkins, 40, from Oxfordshire tried the Jimmy Joy Plenny Shake v 3.0 (from £25.64 for 20 meals, jimmyjoy.com)

Plenny Shakes come in Vanilla, Banana, Chocolate, Strawberry, Mango and Coffee. The nutritionally complete, easy-to-prepare, affordable meal shakes have minimal impact on the planet, too as they’re 100 per cent vegan and contain 26 essential micronutrients needed for a perfectly balanced diet.

Plenny shake in coffee for weight lossThe shakes are also blended with real fruit to ensure they tastes nice. They come in the form of powder that you just mix with water. The banana flavour shake was my favourite but they were all tasty and enjoyable to drink as they don’t leave that powdery aftertaste like some shakes can.

The instructions suggest mixing two scoops of powder with 300ml water to create a 400-calorie meal. Because of the fact that my breakfast is usually less than 400 calories, I chose to use just one scoop with 300ml water in order to make it just a 200 calorie meal and I had the shakes to replace two meals a day, usually breakfast and dinner. Then I ate a normal lunch – often of fish or chicken with vegetables or salad.

Having a shake in the morning instead of breakfast filled me up and gave me enough energy to do my usual Pilates class or online workout and I didn’t feel hungry until lunchtime.

plenny shake in mango for weight lossPrice wise: the shakes work out at £1.28 per meal which I thought was great value. 

Weight loss results: Over the two and a half weeks I used the Jimmy Joy Plenny Shakes I lost 3lbs. I would definitely use them again. 

Jimmy Joy’s Plenny Shake v3.0 available from £25.56 (20 meals, £1.28 per meal); jimmyjoy.com