We hear a lot about collagen and its benefits for skin and hair, but how does it actually work?

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Collagen is nature’s own ingredient for keeping our bodies firm, springy and supple. We’re all born with collagen (one of the body’s many proteins) and as we grow we naturally produce more collagen to replace the stores that are depleted from our skin and connective tissues.

Yet once the growing process is fully complete – typically our early to mid-twenties – our collagen production levels slow a little every year. This affects how we look, feel and move.

Everyday stresses also contribute to collagen loss; from living in a busy city with environmental pollution such as that linked to smoking and drinking, to physical activity including sport and exercise.

During the menopause, collagen levels plummet and many of the visible signs of ageing are linked to low levels of collagen production.

Proto-col collagen supplements

British natural beauty brand proto-col has been a specialist in collagen supplements and skincare since 2003. Its range of pure collagen capsules and delicious berry-flavoured collagen drinks are a way to top-up collagen levels each day.

Proto-col uses a formulation called VERISOL B, a special bioactive peptide that’s proven to deliver improved skin elasticity and to reduce the actual depth of wrinkles.

VERISOL is produced from a bovine source as this is the closest match to human DNA and therefore offers optimum bioavailability.

Collagen supplements not only improve the look and feel of our skin. Many regular users of the proto-col range also report that their hair has greater vitality and that nails grow more strongly and become less brittle.

Award-winning collagen shots are drinks that can be consumed straight from the fridge but can also be diluted in water or blended with juices. One a day delivers a powerful and effective dose of collagen peptide.

The company’s collagen skin plus also contains added vitamin C, zinc and hyaluronic acid to support healthy skin.

When is the best time to take collagen supplements?

While many people take their nutritional supplements in the morning, the skin experts at proto-col suggest that just before bed is a great time to take collagen. The body uses the first 90 minutes of sleep to regenerate and repair daily damage and uses all available nutrients to do the work. Taking collagen capsules later in the evening is a great way to help the skin recover its elasticity.

Collagen night cream

Proto-col uses plant-based collagen in its supporting skincare range. Its Intense Hydration Night Cream is a rich moisturiser with added hydrolysed silk protein, royal jelly and coral seaweed and it recently won a Gold Awards in the Top Santé Ageless Beauty Awards.

The skincare range also includes serums, eye filler and a new SPF 50 day moisturiser.

Find out more about the proto-col range.