IV vitamin C is being used in Chinese hospitals to treat cases of Covid19.

Should The NHS Be Stocking Up On IV Vitamin C?

March 12: High dose IV vitamin C treatment guidelines have just been published by the Shanghai Medical Association as a partial treatment for both mild and severe infections of COVID-19, providing vital lessons for the global response.

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“As far as I know, this is the first and only official guideline of using vitamin C in something as serious as coronaviral outbreak, by any government” Dr. Richard Cheng MD, PhD.

With a deepening understanding of COVID-19, Chinese medical experts have drawn upon both domestic and external learnings in the clinical treatment of the virus, accumulating invaluable expertise in the prevention and control of the disease.

Based on the continuous observation, optimisation and refinement of COVID-19 treatment plans, consensus of an expert panel in China concedes that high dose IV vitamin C is indeed an effective part of a comprehensive medical treatment protocol that also involves other medical drugs and procedures. 

The findings outlined in a detailed report have been published in The Chinese Journal of Infectious Diseases and by The Shanghai Medical Association (SMA) and is being shared globally in medical circles, including hospitals in northern Italy, which are searching for new treatments to help improve patients prognosis.

The report, written by a group of 30 medical doctors, known as The Shanghai Novel Coronavirus Disease Clinical Treatment Expert Team, has utilised their combined experience and observations to draw up a clinical treatment plan to support China and the rest of the world with the prevention of the progress of the disease, to improve treatment success rates and help reduce patient mortality rate.

The treatment recommendations contained in the guidelines are based on the observations of more than 300 infected patients being treated by doctors at The Second Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Jiaotong University in China. The report outlines recommended IV vitamin C dosage guidelines for mild to severe and critically ill cases.

The Full Official Covid-19 Treatment Guidelines: Read it here in The Shanghai Medical Association.

Vitamin C helps protect your immune system and ward off coronaviruses and other viruses

How much Vitamin C to take to prevent or treat Covid-19

Listen to Andrew W. Saul speak on a recent Vitamin C webinar by Trevor King from Live Longer Feel Better. Here, he allays fears about Covid-19 and suggests ways to prevent (NOTE: There is no sound for the first 60 secs, so don’t worry – the sounds comes on! The interview starts at around 7 minutes). 

Click HERE to watch

In it, Andrew says among other things:  

  • Coronavirus is relatively mild.
  • 95 times out of 100 people will recover. 
  • Most people who die from it are elderly or are immune-compromised.
  • Death statistics outside of China are around 1-2%, which compared closely to other flu epidemics, such as SARS in the early 2000s, is low. SARS had a death rate of approaching 9%. 
  • The danger with coronavirus is not the virus itself but if your immune system fails to kill it. It is Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome that will kill you, not the virus.
  • There are 75-80 years of research saying that vitamin C strengthens your immune system.

  • Your body needs more vitamin C when you are unwell – a whole lot more. Big doses are anti-viral.
  • Vitamin C is safe: Large doses will not harm you. It’s water soluble, you excrete out any excess your body doesn’t need. 
  • Vitamin C will NOT give you kidney stones – it will actually help dissolve them if present. (Andrew lists what NOT to eat and drink if you want to avoid kidney stones).
  • Even 200mg of vitamin C per day stops 8 out of 10 elderly people with pneumonia from dying. The RDA in most countries is 100mg or less. 

    To prevent succumbing to the virus, take 1000mg of vitamin C with each meal and between each main meal, so 5,000mg (5g) per day. Dividing up the 5,000mg dose makes it more effective. You could even divide the doses up even more to 10 x 500g doses. If you take it all at once you may get indigestion (Editor’s note: that’s if it’s powdered ascorbate acid – liposomal doesn’t upset your stomach). Andrew generally takes 18,000mg per day. 

  • Other preventative factors: Zinc, selenium, magnesium, vitamin A, vitamin D3 – these also help your immune system. 
  • Some people in intensive care are being given up to 24,000mg of vitamin C intravenously. This is only for people at risk of dying – we don’t all need such high doses.
  • IF YOU GET SICK: Take vitamin C to bowel tolerance, meaning keep taking it until it gives you loose stools – that’s a sign you’ve reached vitamin C saturation. It won’t last, so you give it a break then begin again. Andrew has taken up to 100,000mg per day when suffering flu. There are lots of types of vitamin C: choose sodium ascorbate – it’s non-acidic, it’s pH neutral. 
  • To clear out your lungs after the infection, use jalapeno peppers, echinacea root tincture, goldenseal herb.

“Take enough C to be symptom free whatever that amount may be!”
Andrew Saul. 

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To find out more about the amount of various vitamins to take, including vitamins C and D, watch this video from the International Society for Orthomolecular Medicine, hosted in Japan.


CORONAVIRUS SPECIAL: Pre-order the next issue of Top Santé!
* Keep your body strong * beat the virus * Stay fit while at home.

* Pay the usual cover price and get FREE delivery in the UK (only £1 more for delivery outside the UK).
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