Would you take a personal training class where your instructor WEARS a TV screen?

Here at Top Santé, we like to think we’ve seen it all when it comes to fitness fads, but this one had us checking the date – surely it must be April Fool’s Day?

No, it’s definitely not April, so it seems that David Lloyd gyms really are offering these rather strange personal training sessions.

Known as PTV, the sessions are aimed at fitness fans who can’t bear to give up their telly time, and involves their personal trainer running in from of them with a TV strapped to their back.

Want to know what’s happening in Eastenders? You’ll need to keep up! Clients can choose from BBC iPlayer, Netflix or Amazon Prime, and are given wireless headphones to listen along.

The gym chain came up with the idea after discovering that almost one in four of us don’t exercise because we struggle to find the time, but one in five still manage 31 hours of TV time each week!

Personally, we’re not sure that this new scheme has many advantages over running on a treadmill and watching TV – we’d be worried about tripping or poor running form if all of our concentration was on a screen.

Surely the benefits of working out with a trainer include talking, and the benefits of running outside involve engaging with nature? What do you think?