Recently, there has been a good deal of research that links air pollution to premature skin ageing, so the fact that the UKs pollution levels are continuing to rise is worrying news for our complexions.

Negative environmental influences like air pollution such as smoke and dust which originate from industrial emissions and traffic weaken the natural acid protective layer of the skin.

The surface of the skin will feel dirty and clogged, some toxic chemicals in the air can penetrate into the skins layers and weaken the skin barrier therefor triggers inflammation, sensitivity, irritation, dull and dehydrated skin and an increase of wrinkles and fine lines could start to form on the skin’s surface which, to be honest, we would all like to try and avoid.

Finding the right skincare products

Its not always easy to find the best skincare products. You have to track down a formula that’s right for your skin type and finding the right skincare products can be hard, chances are you’ve already tried a lot in your quest for perfect skin.

But did you know that the right skincare products will make the biggest difference when it comes to overhauling your complexion?

Whether you’re looking for anti-ageing, anti-pollution, hydrating or balancing, a high-quality skincare range has the power to transform your skin’s health.

Thanks to the power of plants, Lavera’s Anti-Pollution Hydro Effect skincare range is suitable for all skin types. It has been carefully developed using a unique and innovative gentle yet powerful natural formulation, including ingredients of organic algae, hyaluronic acid and skin-nourishing olive oil and horehound which protects against environmental influences, helps to slow down the skin ageing process, strengthens and supplies the skin with new energy to promote a healthy and radiant complexion.

Getting the best out of your skincare products in three easy steps

Step 1

Start the day with a soft and clean complexion using the Lavera Hydro Effect Cleansing Balm.

The silky balm gently cleanses and removes make up, impurities, traces of air pollution and dirt particles from the skin without drying out or encumbering skin.

Step 2

The next step for fresh, radiant skin is with the Lavera Hydro Effect Serum.

It gives extra protection against environmental influences and with the addition of organic algae and hyaluronic acid its helps to balance and neutralise the skins surface while replenishing, plumping and hydrating the skin.

Step 3

To achieve a glowing and radiant complexion, moisturising daily is a must with the Lavera Hydro Effect Day Cream. Your skin will thank you for it in the long run!

The composition of active natural and organic ingredients of abyssinian oil, algae and natural antioxidants slows down environmentally induced skin ageing, strengthens the skin barrier, counteracts the effects of free radicals and helps to prevent further damage caused by environmental factors.

The light texture of this day cream is quickly absorbed into the skin, providing lasting moisture and protection for soft and supple skin.

Giving your skin a little pampering treat once a week with the Detox Effect Mask will help to liberate the skin from environmental dirt particles, neutralise free radicals and prevents the skin from feeling dry and clogged.

About Lavera

Lavera is a certified natural and organic beauty brand that offers a comprehensive range of modern, innovative and effective natural skin, hair and body care products for the whole family to enjoy. Lavera focuses on powerful yet gentle-on-the-skin formulations with active ingredient compositions using natural and organic ingredients to enhance beauty, regardless of age.

Lavera is certified natural and organic by Natrue, does not use parabens, SLS, synthetic fragrances, preservatives, aromas or mineral oils in any of its product range. Over 75% of products are registered vegan with the Vegan Society

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